Complex Information

El Matador Aerial View

Resting on over 12 acres, El Matador is beautifully landscaped and meticulously attended featuring lush palm trees and manicured lawn. The resort is accented by surrounding sugar-white sand, the sparkling surf, and is convenient to many unique shopping establishments fine restaurants and a variety of water sports.

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How to Find Your Unit

Each unit number has 3 digits that denote what building it is in, which floor it is on and where it is located on that floor. The first digit of the unit number is the building. The second digit is the floor and the third digit is the location on that floor. While standing at the entrance of each building, the units would start at the left with zero and numbered consecutively thru nine which is the last unit on the right (example: unit 452 would be building 4, fifth floor, and third unit from the left end of the building).

Beachside Amenities

View our amenities which includes fitness center, a beachside pool, gazebo, high speed internet, private beach, complimentary parking and more!