Tips to Work from Home

During this time where vacations have been put on hold, we at El Matador are interested in supporting our customers anyway we can. So, that’s why we have put together a few tips for any of you that might be having a hard time working from home.

Follow a schedule
It is important to keep a schedule so you are able to separate the hours you will be working from the ones you won’t. This will help you get things done in a more organized fashion and will reduce how often you become distracted. Once you cover your working hours, put your work away and recharge.

Choose a work space
Create a space where you will be comfortable for the number of hours you must work. It can be a different room or a desk in a specific part of your home. This space should be designated only to work so that you can feel the difference between home and work.

Get Dressed
Get up and change from your pajamas to normal clothes. Taking care of the way you look will help you feel more normal and get the day started the right way. This will motivate you to get things done and take you out of any funk you might be in.

Stay Connected
A huge gap most people are feeling is not being able to socialize with their coworkers. So, schedule online social time to goof around like you normally would in the office. This will help you feel less isolated and stressed.

Soon, we will be back to planning our next vacation and there is no better option than the Emerald Coast. El Matador will be here to make your next Destin beach vacation a memorable one.


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