Things not to Forget to Pack when Traveling to our Fort Walton Beach Condos

We know that traveling to a new destination can be very exciting. You are so thrilled to visit the Emerald Coast that you might forget to pack certain things. Don’t leave the packing to the day before you leave because its too important to leave to the last minute. Remembering to pack the little things will help prevent unnecessary spending on your next trip. We’ve put together a checklist of some of the most important things to remember on your next stay at our Fort Walton Beach Condos.

Don’t Forget to Pack these Essentials

1. Umbrella – Believe it or not sometimes it rains in Florida. Even if you see a clear weather forecast, you never know when there could be an unexpected pop of rain.
2. Chargers – Chargers for your devices are very important to not forget. Not to mention, they may cost you twice as much when you’re in a pinch.
3. Sunglasses and Sunscreen – These are a must in Northwest Florida especially in the summer months. Beat the heat by preparing ahead.
4. Prescriptions and Painkillers – Bring any medication you may need along with you. Painkillers are just a bonus since you don’t know when a headache will arise.
5. Cash – Avoid paying high ATM fees while on vacation. Bring cash before hand for any situations that may come up during your trip.

Get packing for your next vacation on the Emerald Coast. Contact us to book your next short-term or long-term stay at El Matador!

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